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Individual Membership Fee


$40 per person

Honorary & Retired Membership Fee


$0 per person


How to Join 


  • Open to all public institution procurement personnel in the state of Texas, including Federal, State, County, municipal and township, public school systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, and any other public political subdivisions of the State.


  • Honorary Membership may be conferred upon individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the procurement profession or this Chapter. Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.Nominations are considered by the board and voted on by the membership.


  • Retired Membership may be granted upon Members of this Chapter upon their retirement from public procurement. Retired Members shall be entitled to vote, but not hold office. Written requests are considered by the board and voted on by the membership.

Dues Period

January - December




El Paso Del Norte Chapter

 The El Paso Del Norte Chapter of NIGP is a not-for-profit professional organization representing public procurement professionals throughout the El Paso region.

We provide continued professional development, encourage professional certification, and establish cooperative relationships among members for the development of efficient procurement methods and practices in the field of educational, governmental, and public institutional procurement.

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